The Start of Wedding Season 2019!

The start of wedding season each year is one of my favourite times of the year - usually starting in springtime it’s such a welcome period and one I always look forward to! March always seems a little early to celebrate the start of peak season (which is usually April to May) although with five amazing weddings booked in this month which I’m really looking forward to it certainly is starting to feel well underway!

Beth’s wedding on 2nd March was the first wedding of the year for me and a fabulous one that I was delighted to be there for! Styling hair for Beth, her mum and four bridesmaids was a real pleasure and the morning was a really special highlight of the year so far!


Beth’s bridal hair was styled in a half-up-half-down style with loose curls and a braid, finished off beautifully with a silver tiara accessory. The four bridesmaids and Beth’s Mum had a few different hairstyles and all looked absolutely stunning.


It was such a pleasure being a part of this wedding morning with such a fantastic bride tribe :)

Sarah x